[frequently asked questions]

What's with these different types of people ?
They represent various demographic slices of a community. Archetypes of the day as they say.

Will the selection of archetypes change?
Perhaps. Wait a while.

How were the favored links chosen?
Some might say the random hand of fate, a bit of monetary coersion, a year's worth of drunken internet research, a large dartboard, or my personal eclectic bias.

How many links will be chosen?
A finite amount. Just enough to fit on a single page.

Why and how are all those programs free?
95% of the software is open source and the rest is freeware. Their business model is driven by donations and/or a service model where you can pay for support.

What is Open Source anyway?
Through the contribution of a lot of bright and restless souls who deemed to build a better mousetrap, the concept of open source software(OSS) has two main tenets. The source code in which the software is written is freely available to anyone to read or modify. Copies of the programs can also be passed around to all your friends like hugs and handshakes...for free.

Can I suggest a link?
Go ahead and send an email. Updates will be made based on whim and whimsy. To ensure your site is included, you can advertise with us.

How do I become a contributing artist?
Send your righteously cool image 
to the librarian and it may be featured as a canvas. Be sure to include your portfolio URL in your message so it can be embedded if chosen.
Send me Art

Which came first, the book or the library?
The book of course. Although in this case, the Library Infinite was completed first to gather an audience of readers for the book.

How often is the Library Infinite updated?
And that is what Twitter is for...     http://twitter.com/libraryinfinite

How is it a "Brave New Web Portal?"
The Library Infinite is a reference to Mister Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. In his universe, we are drowning in a sea of useless information so this is our stand against it. For a nice reference, please take a look at Stuart McMillen's lucid illustrations.

What does this symbol (L∞) mean next to a link?
Buying from this business helps support the Library Infinite. Show us some love!

How do I contact the Librarian?
Besides the ususal incantation, try an email. Selected letters may be featured on the Library Infinite.

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