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  • 5 Tibetan Rites
  • Squatty Potty
  • Zabba and Zillow
  • How to Meditate and The Last Lecture
  • Account Killer and Just Delete Me
  • Oprah and Modest Needs and Foundation For A Better Life
  • Monster and Careerbuilder and Craig's List and Works
  • Freecycle and Barter Quest and U-Exchange
  • Visual Dictionary and Visual Economics
  • Snopes and TWiT
  • Nolo
  • Air 2 Water and Bloom Energy
  • Edmunds and Zipcar and Kelly Blue Book
  • CNET and Wired
  • Flashcard Exchange and Study Blue
  • My Money and Bankrate and SimpliFi
  • Mint and Bill Shrink and Yodlee
  • Edgar and Public.Resource
  • Phone Scoop and Wirefly and Get Human and Mr Number
  • Spam Gourmet and StopThinkConnect and Mailinator 
  • TerraTrike and Dahon and Catrikes plus Ideal Saddle
  • Internet Archive and Finding Dulcinea
  • US-CERT & USA & FEMA & Earthquakes & Consumer Info Catalog
  • Survival Acres and Farm Manuals Fast and Living Off The Grid
  • Map of the Dead!
  • America's Cheapest Family and Energysavers and ASES
  • DriveSavers and Backblaze and ADrive
  • Rough Guides and Dummies Guide
  • Air Purifiers America and Switch2Health
  • Taskrabbit
  •       The librarian is society's caretaker of ideas. In humanity's thirst for knowledge, he/she is the humble bartender. Whether you arrive with a curious question, a desire to learn, the need to laugh, a quest for riches, or the simple wish for clarity, your drink will be served right up. One good stiff swig will lead you to another. When you are good and ready for something different, come on back and taste another archetype.   


    The Librarian Likes:

    Protect your electric stuff!

    A single surge protector for you to protect your laptop when you take it to a Starbucks, Borders, Barnes & Nobles, or Peet's Coffee.

    A wireless mouse for your netbook or laptop. Uses just one AA battery and Logitech has awesome customer service.


    A wireless roller ball tracking device. For those fighting RSI(repetitive strain injury).

    Keep this 8GbUSB Flash drive on your keychain!
    Got Radon? Where are your hotspots?