Tools you can use....


Meet People Places chosen just for you...

  • Audiosurf
  • Rolling Stone and NME and Spin and Billboard
  • CD Baby 
  • SoundSpike and ReverbNation
  • Jamendo
  • Pandora and Slacker and and Jango
  • Lyric Wiki and TV Show Music
  • SeatGeek and StubHub
  • Midomi
  • Musopen and Gramophone
  • Batanga and Brega Pop 
  • DJ Earworm and Mashup Charts and Pogo
  • Urbanears
  • House of Blues and Ticketmaster
  • (L∞)iTunes and eMusic and Magnatune and Rhapsody
  • MTV and VH1
  • Soundcloud
  • Theramin World
  • MyPlay and VeVo and Music and MySpace Music 
  • Songza and and Spotify
  • Radio Paradise and Radio Time
  • Amoeba and Rasputin's
  • Podcast Alley
  • Country Music and Hard Radio
  • All About Jazz
  •        The librarian is society's caretaker of ideas. In humanity's thirst for knowledge he/she is the humble bartender. Whether you arrive with a curious question, a desire to learn, the need to laugh, a quest for riches, or the simple wish for clarity, your drink will be served right up. One good stiff swig will lead you to another. When you are good and ready for something different, come on back and taste another archetype.  

    The Librarian Likes:

    . World band radio. Get it now!