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  • Child's Play
  • Institute of Play
  • Shockwave and Kongregate
  • Game Spot and IGN and Games Radar
  • Adult Swim
  • FireNes and Classic Games and ROMNation and SNESbox
  • 99 Gamers
  • System Requirements Lab
  • Electronic Arts and Activision and Epic Games
  • Steam
  • Ouya
  • Xfire
  • Lost Levels
  • Giant Bomb
  • Pocket Gamer
  • HTML5 Games and Canvas Demos
  • G4TV
  • Gamer Symphony Orchestra
  • Got Frag
  • Gamasutra
  • Alienware
  • Sporcle
  • Play Nintendo
  • Wii or Xbox or Playstation
  • All G* All Free and Silver G* and Armor G* and G* Gecko
  • Neoseeker
  • MMORPG and WoW and City of Heroes
  • The Emperor
  •        The librarian is society's caretaker of ideas. In humanity's thirst for knowledge, he/she is the humble bartender. Whether you arrive with a curious question, a desire to learn, the need to laugh, a quest for riches, or the simple wish for clarity, your drink will be served right up. One good stiff swig will lead you to another. When you are good and ready for something different, come on back and taste another archetype.  

    The Librarian Likes:

    . Play your PS3 games, blu ray movies, and divx files from the internet! Or a PS4!

    Get the Xbox 360 you've been wanting. Or your teenage son has been coveting. Or Xbox One!

    . Switch! Switch! Switch!